Technical Specifications | INSIDE THE HOUSES

• Foundations and retaining walls made of Geotechnical Study-approved reinforced concrete screens.

• Supporting structure of columns, waffle slabs and reinforced concrete slabs.

• Passable terraces with non-slip porcelain stoneware finish, Non-passable terraces with a gravel finish.

• Floating terraces in the attics.

• Sloped roofs: Sikaplan 15 G-03 or similar system in grey or similar colour with thermal insulation.

• Enclosure with two sheets of perforated brick backed in the interior with a self-supporting partition, acoustic and thermal insulation, and a double layer of laminated plaster.

• Exterior façade with SATE or similar type cladding with a white finish.

• Glass railings.

• Partition walls between houses of factory-clad brickwork on both sides, with self-supporting, insulating partitions and double-laminated plasterboard.

• Separation between dwellings and common areas: self-supporting brick wall cladding on the inside and covered with plaster on the outside.

• Self-supporting interior partitions, with insulation and double laminated plasterboard in dry areas and single WR panel in wet areas. False laminated plate ceilings in hallways and bathrooms.

• General flooring including kitchens, bathrooms and terrace of porcelain stoneware (from the PORCELANOSA brand)

• Exterior in lacquered aluminium and low-emission double glazing.

• Motorized blinds in bedrooms, and throughout all apartments located on the ground-floor.

• Interior security entrance door.

• Lacquered interior doors.

• Built-in wardrobes with lacquered doors, internally lined with drawers and hanging bars.

• Vertical walls of homes coated with off-white paint.

• Tiled in bathrooms: stoneware or white paste in neutral colours.

• Fully equipped kitchens including appliances.

• Hot water, air-con and central heating provided by aerothermal energy.

• Video intercom.

Technical Specifications | IN THE COMMON AREAS

• Natural stone flooring.

• Wall cladding with stone or wood.

• Metal railings with wooden handrails.

• LED lighting in communal areas activated by presence detectors.

• Electric type 1.10 m × 1.40 m accessible cabins with high quality interior cladding.

• Access to all floors.

• Automatic sectional type door. Expectation to recharge electric vehicles according to regulations.

• Smoothed concrete flooring with surface treatment.

• Marked parking spaces.

• Ventilation and protection measures against fires according to regulations.

• Painted vertical walls and stoneware floors.


• Provision of LED lighting in doorways and stairways activated by motion detectors.

• Exterior lighting for pedestrian access and garden areas.


• Overflowing pool.

• Non-slip porcelain stoneware flooring inside the pool.

• Showers, life-saving floats and portable lift for wheelchair users.

• Porcelain stoneware flooring.

• False ceiling and walls finished with white paint.

• LED lighting.

• Fully equipped gym.

• Sauna.

• Spa with heated water pool.

• Toilets, changing rooms and showers.

• Plantations of Mediterranean species with low water consumption, adapted to the local climate.

• Gastro-Garden.